Our Legal Service During COVID-19

Our Legal Service During COVID-19Kalde Legal

Our legal services remain available and dependable for the foreseeable future. Our office is well-equipped to continue to support our clients through the use of established online and cloud-based facilities.

As we receive new information and recommendations our staff may commence working from home for a portion of the workweek or entirely. Irrespective of this, we will always be contactable during business hours by phone and by email. Our contact details have not changed. Please bear with us in the event of any delays.

Meetings will be conducted over the phone wherever possible. If this is not practicable, will we conduct meetings in our office. We ask that you inform us if you are feeling unwell or have had contact with anyone who may have come in contact with COVID-19 prior to any meetings in person.

We wish to express our gratitude for your continuing support as we work towards cooperatively maintaining the well-being of all.



I have shares in a company but have no control of the Company How do I protect my investment?

What is A Minority Shareholder Agreement

I invested all this money into a company and I have no control!  Sometimes an investor contributes a significant amount of capital into a company while the founders retain the majority of the shares and continue to work in the company. A situation like this can result in the shareholders that have made the financial contribution having little or no control over the way the company is run. The solution is to balance out the power dynamic with a Minority Shareholder Agreement.
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Special Conditions for the Contract for Sale of Land 2018 available now

Special Conditions for the Contract for Sale of Land 2018 available now  on Precedents Online.


Special Conditions for the Contract for Sale of Land 2018 available now

The Special Conditions have been drafted to complement the new Contract for the sale and purchase of land 2018 edition published by the Law Society of New South Wales and The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

* Does not include the front pages or standard terms of the Contract for the sale and purchase of land 2018 edition.

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Free giveaways Today!

Free Giveaways Today!

Free giveaways Today!
Free giveaways Today!

FM 99.3 from 12:00pm today.
Free giveaways Today! I will be talking with radio host John Eussen and giving away free stuff from local businesses to listeners who call in. Or you can just tune in and listen to us talk and play music.

Startup: new book by Eric Kalde out now!

This is a book about starting a business. It provides a map, compass and checklist. I explain the process, and recommend the order in which you do things. I make suggestions about important steps, and things you can skip. This is a book about how to  ‘start-up’. I have written this specifically for Australia, which has its own legal system and practices different to other countries.


Tune in today from 12:30pm FM 99.3

Communities, Not for Profits and Business.

I’ll be a guest on ‘Eussen Living’  on FM 99.3 from 12:30pm today. We’ll be talking about Communties, Not for Profit organisations and business.

  • Can communities work with business for social change?
  • How do not for profits work?
  • The latest new initiative: Business North Shore.
  • What it means for your community.

Eric Kalde in the studio 99.3FM
Eric Kalde in the studio 99.3FM


2015-07-05 12.35.44The term ‘start-up’ has been over used in the media. It conjures up images of hopeful entrepreneurs delivering ‘pitches’ to panels of ‘investors’ hoping to be picked and raise valuable investment dollars. Meanwhile in the real world, other entrepreneurs are quietly going about setting up their own businesses without any investment other than themselves, and their time. It is these quiet achievers that I see most, and who will ultimately have the most at the end. Here’s why.

I use the term ‘start up’ to describe any kind of new business. The Hollywood version of a start-up differs significantly from how new businesses look in the real world. My definition of start-up does not necessarily include investors, venture capitalists and ‘kick-starter’ campaigns. These things are not always necessary when starting your new business, or even desirable. Why start your own business? The reasons are many. Here are a few:

  • Starting a business is a viable alternative to looking for a new job. Many of my start-up clients are unhappy in their current job and plan to start their own independent business. Either in the field they are currently working in or something completely different.
  • Some clients have already become retrenched or made redundant. They find that their job, or their industry, no longer exists. Going out on their own is their only alternative.
  • Leaving a legacy. Creating something to be remembered for.
  • Because you want to.

The last reason is common to all. I see very few unenthusiastic entrepreneurs. I see a few that become stressed and even distressed from time to time. All of them are running their own business because they want to.

They need to earn a living. And they would rather take their chances on their own venture than work for someone else. I understand this mentality. I am an entrepreneur myself. I run my own legal practice and an online publishing company. I work hard and there are ups and downs. But the rewards are great.

One of the best things about having your own business is that you know you will own the fruits of your efforts. It is not always about the money. That is why investors are not always a good thing. Answering to investors is no different to answering to a boss.

The part I love most about my job is working with entrepreneurs and business owners. I want to see this trend continue. I have written a book for people starting their own business in Australia. It is designed as a leg-up for people who want to start but do not know where to begin. It gives you a roadmap and a checklist. If you are starting a new business or even just thinking about it, I salute you. If you are wondering what to do next, I have only one word of advice: Begin.