Sale of Business

Sale of Business

Buying and Selling a Business in New South Wales

sales of business

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This book is for anyone who wants to know how to buy or sell a business.It is a general overview of the legal process of buying and selling businesses and explains what’s involved in detail. Chapters are devoted to: the Sale of Business Contract, Procedure, Taxation Issues,Intellectual Property, Employees, Due diligence, Franchises, Agents, Leasing issues, Warranties, Indemnities, Restraints of Trade, Permits and Licences.

The author Eric Kalde is the author of over 40 practice guides published through the leading Australian legal publisher Smokeball. Lawyers all over Australia rely on Kalde Commercial Precedents for guidance on legal practice and legal documents. The practice guides contain detailed commentary explaining the relevant area of law and documents ready to download and use immediately. They are available by annual subscription and are kept up to date with the law. The guides have been written for the legal profession and assume the reader has had legal training. The material in this book has been adapted from the practice guides and is current at time of publication. The nature of the content is aimed at lawyers and assumes a basic understanding of the legal system in New South Wales. That said, it is presented in a straightforward and simple manner.